Peoples Park

Peoples Park is a suite of photographs captured at dawn in and around the Peoples Park, the site of the Harbourview Sculpture Trail.

The meaning of the Māori name Te Atatū is “The Dawn”. Dawn is known as a transitional moment between states of consciousness, and of light emerging from darkness. Daybreak is steeped in positive mystical associations across cultures and civilisations. Historical narratives speak of dawn as a signal of new knowledge or wisdom becoming evident in the mind.

As a transitional zone between suburban development and native coastal flora and fauna, the trail site has an important environmental function. Peoples Park celebrates the ecological, social and historical value of this place, while employing the fabricated and fantastical properties of photography.

Photographically reframing its existing natural forms, found objects and human interventions, Peoples Park encourages audiences to reimagine the site and consider its wider significance and poetic potential.