Recent Art Writing

Image: Patrick Pound, Palindrome, On Reflection, City Gallery Wellington, 2018, installation detail, photograph Shaun Waugh

See ‘Click + Collect, Patrick Pound’s On Reflection‘ below


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Click + Collect: Patrick Pound’s ‘On Reflection’, PhotoForum (Review), November

Spectral Presences: Michael Harrison’s ‘Blue Robe’ & ‘King and Queen of Swords’, Bowerbank Ninow Auction Catalogue, November

Bill Hammond’s ‘Wild Life Quiet Life’, Webb’s ‘Significant Art’ Auction Catalogue, September

Chris Corson-Scott interviewed by Emil McAvoy, ‘Evanescent Monuments’ catalogue, Compound Press, exhibition at Trish Clark Gallery & Parlour Projects

Power-Plants: Ann Shelton’s ‘the missionaries’, exhibition text, Two Rooms, June

Looking Out, Looking In: Conor Clarke’s ‘Ground Water Mirror’, exhibition text, Two Rooms, June

Elsewheres: Jae Hoon Lee’s ‘In the mood for elsewhere’, EyeContact (Review), April

Ground Water Mirror: An Interview with Conor Clarke, PhotoForum, April

Street Level – The ‘re:trace’ Project, PhotoForum, April

Dendromania: Glen Hayward’s ‘dendrochronology’ at Objectspace, EyeContact (Review), April

The Canvas is No Longer Blank: Selina Foote’s Take On Painting, Art New Zealand, No. 165, Autumn/March

Construction Site: Johl Dwyer, Art News New Zealand, Autumn/March

Pay Dirt: Energy, Extraction & Expenditure in Nicholas Mangan’s ‘Limits to Growth’, The Dowse Museum, EyeContact (Review), Jan


Surface Area: ‘Surface Affect’ at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, EyeContact (Review), Nov

Walk the Talk: David Clegg’s ‘loca projects / correction’, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, EyeContact (Review), Nov

Caryline Boreham’s ‘Disco Volante’, InSitu Photo Project, Christchurch, Oct

Utopian, Player, Radical, Other: Representations of Artists in the New Zealand International Film Festival, EyeContact (Review), Oct

Pipilotti Rist’s ‘Eye Pot’, Glenn Schaeffer Collection, Art + Object Auction Catalogue, Oct

Shane Cotton’s ‘Compressed View’, Glenn Schaeffer Collection, Art + Object Auction Catalogue, Oct

Ultramarine: Stephen Ellis’ Anthropogenic Sublime, 20/20, Sanderson Gallery, Oct

Futures Trading: The Tomorrow People, Adam Art Gallery, EyeContact (Review), Sep

Celestial Hum: The Cosmic Landscapes of Michael Illingworth, Art + Object Auction Catalogue, Sep

Burning Out: John Ward Knox’s ‘Tauhou’, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington, EyeContact (Review), Aug

Shane Cotton’s ‘Outlook (Purple)’, Art + Object Auction Catalogue, Aug

HOW TO BURN THE HOUSE DOWN, Elliot Collins’ ‘Restless Pilgrim’, exhibition text, Tim Melville Gallery, June

Turning the Telescope Inside Out: Mark Adams’ ‘View From Astronomer’s Point’, exhibition text, Two Rooms, June

Eating Dirt: Ruth Watson’s ‘Geophagy’, Gus Fisher Gallery, EyeContact (Review), May

Modernism in the Medicine Cabinet, ‘John Nixon: Collages’, exhibition text, Two Rooms, April


Matt Henry & Madoka Kouno ‘Personal Recordings’, Writing Around Sound Journal (Review), Issue 3, Dec

Dashper the Friendly Ghost: A Response to ‘Julian Dashper: Video Works’,
Phantom Topologies: CIRCUIT Symposium, Pantograph Punch (Review), 12 October 2016

Voodoo Ray vs. Zombie Modernism, Catalogue Essay for Matt Henry: Long Division, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, September, ISBN: 978-0-908848-87-7

Cloud Funding: The Auckland Art Fair, EyeContact (Review), 3 July 2016

Peter Peryer’s ‘Datura‘, Bowerbank Ninow Auction Catalogue No. 2, March


Wet Paint: The Auckland Art Gallery’s ‘Necessary Distraction’, EyeContact (Review), 29 Dec 2015

Rohan Wealleans’ ‘Black Panther’ & ‘The Thing’, Bowerbank Ninow Auction Catalogue No. 1, November

The Kiss & Cry: Russ Flatt’s ‘Nationals’, Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland. Also in Black Magazine, No. 24

Augmenting Architecture: Shannon Novak’s ‘Cryptocosmos’, Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery