Recent Art Writing

Image: Ann Shelton: The Dowager, Pine (Pinus radiata) (2017)

See Power-Plants: Ann Shelton’s ‘the missionaries’, exhibition text, Two Rooms, June 2018



Chris Corson-Scott interviewed by Emil McAvoy, ‘Evanescent Monuments’ catalogue, exhibition at Parlour Projects, Compound Press
Power-Plants: Ann Shelton’s ‘the missionaries’, exhibition text, Two Rooms, June
Looking Out, Looking In: Conor Clarke’s ‘Ground Water Mirror’, exhibition text, Two Rooms, June
Elsewheres: Jae Hoon Lee’s ‘In the mood for elsewhere’, EyeContact (Review) April
Ground Water Mirror: An Interview with Conor Clarke, PhotoForum, April
Street Level – The ‘re:trace’ Project, PhotoForum, April
Dendromania. Glen Hayward’s dendrochronology at Objectspace. EyeContact (Review), April
The Canvas is No Longer Blank: Selina Foote’s Take On Painting, Art New Zealand, No. 165 Autumn, March
Construction Site: Johl Dwyer, Art News New Zealand, Autumn, March
Pay Dirt: Energy, Extraction & Expenditure in Nicholas Mangan’s ‘Limits to Growth’, The Dowse Museum, EyeContact (Review), Jan



Surface Area: ‘Surface Affect’ at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, EyeContact (Review), Nov

Walk the Talk: David Clegg’s ‘loca projects / correction’, Govett-Brewster, EyeContact (Review), Nov

Caryline Boreham’s ‘Disco Volante’, InSitu Photo Project, Christchurch, Oct

Representations of Artists in the New Zealand International Film Festival, EyeContact (Review), Oct

Pipilotti Rist’s ‘Eye Pot’ & Shane Cotton’s ‘Compressed View’, Glenn Schaeffer Collection, Art + Object, Oct

Ultramarine: Stephen Ellis’ Anthropogenic Sublime, 20/20, Sanderson Gallery, Oct

Futures Trading: The Tomorrow People, Adam Art Gallery, EyeContact (Review), Sep

Celestial Hum: The Cosmic Landscapes of Michael Illingworth, Art + Object Auction Catalogue, Sep

Burning Out: John Ward Knox’s ‘Tauhou’, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington, EyeContact (Review), Aug

Shane Cotton’s ‘Outlook (Purple)’, Art + Object Auction Catalogue, Aug

HOW TO BURN THE HOUSE DOWN, Elliot Collins’ ‘Restless Pilgrim’, Tim Melville Gallery, June

Turning the Telescope Inside Out, Mark Adams’ ‘View From Astronomer’s Point’, Two Rooms, June

Eating Dirt, Ruth Watson’s ‘Geophagy’, Gus Fisher Gallery, EyeContact (Review), May

Modernism in the Medicine Cabinet, ‘John Nixon: Collages’, Two Rooms, April


Matt Henry & Madoka Kouno ‘Personal Recordings’ (Review), Writing Around Sound Journal, Issue 3, Dec

Dashper the Friendly Ghost: A Response to ‘Julian Dashper: Video Works’
Phantom Topologies: CIRCUIT Symposium, Pantograph Punch, 12 October 2016

Voodoo Ray vs. Zombie Modernism, Catalogue Essay for Matt Henry: Long Division
Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, September, ISBN: 978-0-908848-87-7

Cloud Funding: The Auckland Art Fair, EyeContact, 3 July 2016 (Review)

Peter Peryer: Datura, Bowerbank Ninow Auction Catalogue No. 2, March, 2016


Wet Paint: The Auckland Art Gallery’s ‘Necessary Distraction’, EyeContact, 29 Dec 2015 (Review)

Rohan Wealleans’ ‘Black Panther’ & ‘The Thing’, Bowerbank Ninow Auction Catalogue No. 1, November

The Kiss & Cry: Russ Flatt’s ‘Nationals’, Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland. Also in Black Magazine, No. 24

Augmenting Architecture: Shannon Novak’s ‘Cryptocosmos’, Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery